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Are you passionate about finding a solution to a social or environmental problem in your community? Interested in working at the intersection of advocacy and entrepreneurship? Or are you building a for-profit business that aims to do good? Today’s innovators strive to shape society and the economy in creative and positive ways, and it’s small steps along the way that lead to transformational change. 

UK OTC’s Social Innovation (SI) team can help you create social good from your good ideas. We understand that innovation means more than developing the newest app, the latest technology or even robust revenue models. You want to use your ingenuity to help solve some of the most daunting social challenges in Kentucky and worldwide – social injustice, education inequity, health disparities, hunger, climate change, closing the wealth gap, and countless others.  

What will the Social Innovation team do?

  • Provide efforts and programs dedicated to advancing social innovation impact and social enterprise, including the development and sustainment of an inclusive innovation ecosystem with intentional programs/projects focused on social improvement and social justice through innovation, creation and entrepreneurship.
  • Develop community-engaged programs and projects focused on ensuring inclusive innovation practices with intentionality in the Lexington and Kentucky ecosystems.
  • Identify, evaluate and help to create impact from inventions, innovations and works of social impact products and activities through the University of Kentucky.

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Working with Innovators

Working with Innovators
  • Faculty Research: support faculty research in enhancing their research to innovations.
  • Experiential Learning: support faculty in providing opportunities for students to apply content knowledge by working within the community for social impact initiatives.
  • Community Engagement: support faculty in connecting with the community and support the community in connecting with faculty.

Creating Sustained Social Impact

Creating Sustained Social Impact
Creating Sustained Social Impact
  • Growing
    • Enhance Community Needs
    • Commercialize Research
    • Diversify Innovators
  • Developing Robust and Holistic Approach
    • Social Justice
    • Sustained Social Impact
    • Shifts in Generation Change
  • Advancing Innovation
    • High Potential for Social Impact through Entrepreneurship, Partnership and Other Social Ventures

Examples of Social Innovation

Social Innovation Examples
Social Innovation Examples
  • Apps
  • Aquaponics
  • Clothing Lines
  • Comic Books
  • Curriculum
  • Farm to Table
  • Games
  • Programs
  • Regenerative Farming
  • Sustainable Energy
  • Training 
  • Workshops