About DLAR

The Division of Laboratory Animal Resources is a support unit for animal-based research at the University of Kentucky. Our highly skilled and dedicated staff is comprised of technicians and technologists, certified by the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science, an internationally recognized leader for education in the field of laboratory animal care. Among our staff are registered and licensed veterinary health technicians who monitor the health of the research animals daily and provide care and treatment where needed under the direction of our veterinary staff. In addition to our animal care program, we offer several other services including technical services, complete surgical resources, pathology, breeding colony management, and species-specific training just to mention a few.



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University of Kentucky Division of Laboratory Animal Resources is a fully accredited institution with the Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care (AAALAC) International, a voluntary peer review organization since 1966.  Most recent AAALAC International Accreditation Date: 10-MAR-2021