Eye Scans

Eye Lock Use Instructions

  1. Place your toes on the line in front of the badge reader/iris scanner.  
  2. Scan your badge, the light bar on the scanner will turn “white”.  
  3. Lean slightly in until the light bar on the iris scanner turns “bright blue”.  
  4. Once the light turns blue, open eyes wide and move slowly toward the iris scanner.  
  5. Once it correctly reads your irises and authenticates your badge, the light will turn a “bright green” and you will hear a short musical tone.  
  6. Quickly, open door and proceed into the facility. 


Trouble Shooting

  • If you wear glasses, the EyeLock should be able to read your irises through the glasses, make sure your frames are not blocking part of your iris.  
  • Your eyes must be wide open without blinking.  
  • You should not be too close when presenting your badge, make sure you are not leaning in to swipe your badge (you may need to take your lanyard off).  
  • Look directly into the scanner. The scanner can be adjusted slightly up and down to accommodate different heights. 

If you are still having issues, please contact the DLAR business office during regular business hours: 859-323-7132 or 859-323-5885.