The preceding information is intended for University of Kentucky Researchers and their Staff.  If you are searching for a Necropsy for an animal other than a research animal, please contact the University of Kentucky Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory.

Gross necropsy exams* performed by DLAR veterinarians are available at no cost to researchers to evaluate unexpected morbidity or mortality in their animal colonies (natural or research-related). If you need to have a necropsy performed please contact a DLAR veterinary technician or veterinarian (DLAR Staff Contacts) to review your case(s). Following consultation, information about animals submitted for necropsy needs to be summarized on a Necropsy Request Form .


Necropsy requests must be made in a timely manner to best preserve tissue architecture and quality of diagnostic samples. Diagnostic evaluations are best when done as close to the time of death as possible.  Refrigerate, Do Not Freeze animal carcasses.

Histopathology and Outside Consulting Pathology Resources: For information on internal or external resources for pathology services to support research projects please contact a DLAR Veterinarian (DLAR Staff Contacts).

* Gross necropsy:  consist of an external and internal organ system evaluation of an animal for visually apparent pathological conditions causing morbidity or mortality. This can also include the evaluation of diagnostic sample collections (e.g. cytology, blood, serum, urine, intestinal/fecal contents, or fluid collections). It does not include microscopic histopathology.