Literature Searches

The literature search is one of the most important parts of any Institutional Animal Care and Use Protocol and is a requirement of the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee. Included here are several sites to enable you to perform a search of available or pertinent information related to the area of your study, as well as alternative research models/resources or techniques.

Animal Welfare Libraries can also be located at the following:

Assistance can be obtained by contacting the following individuals in the University of Kentucky Libraries.

Additional assistance can be obtained by contacting the University of Kentucky Libraries at the following addresses:

MCL homepage:

Ask a Librarian form:

MCL classes page:

In addition, you may contact any of the DLAR veterinarians or the Office of Research Integrity to assist with protocol design. Their contact information can be found on the Contacts page as well as the eSirius3G page on the left.