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Basic Grantsmanship & Finding Funding Opportunities: A Framework for Success

This virtual workshop will consist of two presentations by the Proposal Development Office staff:


Finding and Evaluating Funding Opportunities, presented by Lou Hurst

                Learning Objectives:

  • Identify common terminology related to grants and funding opportunities.
  • List some major funding sources for projects relevant to substance use and recovery.
  • Employ strategies for locating appropriate funding opportunities.
  • Interpret specific funding opportunities to determine whether they are suitable for your needs.


Basic Grantsmanship: A Framework for Success, presented by Kathy Doyle Grzech and Erik Davidshofer

                Learning Objectives:

  • Identify strategic planning and proposal development strategies.
  • Identify proposal structure and common components of a competitive proposal.
  • Demonstrate the importance of audience-centered communication.
  • Practice effective writing strategies for concise, clear proposals.