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Summer Grant Writing Kick-off - DEPSCoR Research Collaborations

The semester has ended. Now it is time to work on grant proposals with the Proposal Development Office. Come explore two important funding opportunities in STEM fields: the National Science Foundation CAREER and the Department of Defense DEPSCoR – Research Collaboration programs. In each session we will review the program requirements, share outlines and planning suggestions, and answer your questions about the programs and proposal writing.
The DEPSCoR Research Collaborations program, which is only available to researchers in states with DEPSCoR designation, encourages collaborations on basic research projects in 16 science and engineering topics between a researcher who is new to DOD funding and a partner who has had a DOD grant within the last 5 years. We will cover strategies for finding suitable collaborators (including some here at UK), structuring a successful collaboration, and presenting the proposed collaborative research at both the white paper and full proposal stage.

White Papers are due June 24, 2024

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