Non UK or Community Based Study Personnel FAQs



1. What if study personnel on my University of Kentucky (UK) IRB protocol are not affiliated with UK?

The IRB does not mandate the type of HSP training for individuals who are NOT UK employees or students, therefore there are several options to meet the training mandate.

  • If external study personnel has completed human subject protection training at another institution, simply submit documentation to Jennifer Hill at
  • University of Kentucky (UK) Office of Research Integrity (ORI) Non-UK Human Subject Protection (HSP) Course: 

    The ORI Non-UK HSP Course is intended for individuals who are unaffiliated with the University of Kentucky, listed as study personnel on a UK Institutional Review Board (IRB) application.  It serves as HSP training for study personnel not employed by or enrolled as a student at UK. This course should take approximately 2 hours to complete. You are able to save your place and return to complete. 
  • The course is housed on the Coggno online learning platform.  In order to get HSP credit for UK courses, you MUST create a Coggno account. You can do this by choosing "Sign up” for a new account.
  • Enter your first name. last name, and email address, then create a username and password. Once you check the box agreeing to the terms and conditions, click the “Sign Up” button.
Create Your Account
  • Click “I want to Take a Course”
Click Take a Course
  • Click “Start Now” to begin the training.  You may stop between modules and log back in to complete later. 
Begin Course
  • If you need to stop and continue at a later time, you are able. When you log in to your Coggno account, the screen will show the course(s) you are currently taking. Click the blue button with an arrow to continue the course.
Continue Course
  • Once you have successfully completed the five modules you will receive a copy of a completion certificate by email.  You may also log in to Coggno to download a copy of your certificate from the “Certificates” page.  


Once completed, send your certificate to the PI of the study you will be joining with a cc to

Please see the ORI Non-UK HSP Training Troubleshooting Guide [PDF] to help you navigate the course. If you have any questions, please contact Jen Hill at (859) 257-2978 or



2. If my study personnel are not affiliated with UK, but they have completed human subject training elsewhere,
    will it count towards UK’s requirement?

  • If non-UK study personnel have completed an equivalent HSP training outside of UK, please submit documentation to ORI for review to confirm equivalency. Submit documentation of HSP training completion to the Office of Research Integrity (ORI); Attn: Belinda Smith at or Jennifer Hill at or by FAX to 859-323-9882.



3. Are there other HSP training options specific for individuals involved in community-engaged and community-
    based participatory research (CBPR)?

  • Traditional Human Subjects Protection training may not be appropriate for the study personnel who are laypersons in the community. There are a number of national programs available designed to educate nonscientific/nonprofessional community-based individuals. Alternate education may apply to those individuals who are laypersons, not students or researchers. Any alternative training plan must be submitted to ORI for review. For details, see the Study Personnel section of the  Community-Engaged and Community-Based Participatory Research Frequently Asked Questions [PDF]. Contact Belinda Smith, / 859-323-2446.
  • University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) Center for Clinical and Translational Science (CCTS) CIRTification: Community Involvement in Research Training online course. To register and enroll, see steps below:
  • Go to the Registration page, click "I am not from UIC":
  • Complete registration information:
    CIRTification Registration information
  • Once you submit your registration, you will get a success message. Click "Course Catalog":
    Course Catalog
  • Click "Learn More" under "CIRTification: Community Involvement in Research Training":
    Learn More
  • Click "Enroll":
  • Complete Enrollment information:
    Enrollment Information
  • Once enrolled, click "My Course" in the banner on the right next to your email address:
    My Courses
  • Click "Launch" to start course":
  • Once completed, send your certificate to the PI of the study you will be joining with a cc to