April 2022 UK Innovate Newsletter

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In this issue:

  • Female Patent Holders Spotlight Commercialization at UK
  • UK Innovator Survey Live!
  • UK Innovate Welcomes New Innovation Connect Manager
  • Upcoming OTC Webinar: How Can the Commercialization Team Help You?
  • #ICYMI: AUTM 2022 Annual Meeting Closing Speech; OTC's March Webinar Recording
  • Spotlights
    • Technology Spotlight: Novel Immunotherapy to Treat Ovarian Cancer
    • Innovator Spotlight: Dr. Les Anderson
    • UK Startup Spotlight: X10D
  • By the Numbers
  • Featured Events
    • UK Entrepreneur Showcase 2022 (Virtual)
    • PNC Business Innovation Summit
  • Events¬†
  • Did You Know?

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