March 2022 UK Innovate Newsletter

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In this issue:

  • UK Innovate Launches Innovation Connect, Hires New Leader for Industry Partnerships
  • AVPR Ian McClure Named Chair of AUTM
  • UK Innovate Hosts Successful Event at AUTM Featuring Bourbon Research and Innovation
  • Serenity Wright Spearheads New Social Innovation Special Interest Group (SIG)
  • March OTC Webinar: How Does The OTC Restructuring Benefit You?
  • #ICYMI, OTC's February Webinar: Ask Matt
  • By the Numbers
    • ​​​​Patents (January & February 2022)
    • Licenses/Options (January & February 2022)
  • Featured Event: Concordia Lexington Summit, April 7-8
  • Events 
  • Did You Know?

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