Bill Haneberg

Bill Haneberg is the State Geologist of Kentucky, Director of the Kentucky Geological Survey, and Research Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences, all at the University of Kentucky. His primary responsibility is leadership of the survey on its legislatively mandated mission to perform a continuing study of the geology of Kentucky, with emphasis on applied research in the areas of geologic mapping, water resources, energy and mineral resources, geologic hazards, and geologic information management (including GIS and web services for public data dissemination). His research interests include geologic hazards (including the effects of climate change on the frequency of hazardous events), computational geology, hydrogeology, GIS applications in the geosciences, digital terrain modeling, and the use of geologic information for policy and engineering decision support. Bill is the author of 100+ published papers and abstracts on topics ranging from Himalayan geology and geohazards to deep-water marine geomorphology and risk minimization. Bill earned a Ph.D. in Geology from the University of Cincinnati (where his dissertation research involved rainfall induced water pressure changes in a landslide along the Ohio River), is a Fellow of the Geological Society of America, and is licensed as a professional geologist in several states. He was also the 2011 AEG-GSA Richard Jahns Distinguished Lecturer in Engineering Geology.


Research Areas

  • Geologic hazard and risk assessment
  • spatial variability of natural processes
  • GIS applications
  • science for decision support

Collaborative Interests

  • department seminars
  • graduate committees
  • grant collaborations
  • guest lectures
  • public lectures
  • publications
  • research collaborations

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