Research Priorities - Cancer
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  • Aug 11 2020

Artemisia annua or "Sweet Annie" has been used as a medicinal herb for centuries. With potential to treat a variety of cancers & even COVID-19, this plant is more relevant than ever & UK is showing how we can take it from Kentucky fields to the lab to our patients.

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  • Aug 4 2020

As a cancer prevention researcher trained in both basic laboratory science and epidemiology, Kuhs’ experience allows her to apply basic science findings to population-based studies, which will be essential to lowering cancer rates in the hardest-hit areas of the state.

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  • Jul 29 2020

Kentucky has one of the nation's highest incidences of oral cancer, according to the National Institutes of Health, and the prevalence of oral cancer in the targeted counties is as much as 54% higher than the state average.

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  • Jul 14 2020

A group led by the Markey Cancer Center researcher Qing-Bai She discovered that SMS is overexpressed in colorectal cancers and plays an important role in balancing cellular spermidine levels that are a necessary adaptation for colorectal cancer growth.

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  • Jun 3 2020

UK and ArtemiLife Inc. will collaborate on a clinical study using the extract of a medicinal plant grown in Kentucky to test for anti-cancer activity of Artemisia annua and to determine the recommended dose of Artemisia annua for future clinical trials.

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  • May 13 2020

Started in the summer of 2016, Markey Women Strong comprises philanthropic women and men who aim to make a meaningful difference in cancer research by funding female researchers focused on advancing the fight against cancer at the University of Kentucky.

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  • May 4 2020

It cannot be seen, smelled or tasted, and people are exposed by breathing radon in air when it comes in through gaps and cracks in their homes. It is the second-leading cause of lung cancer after tobacco smoking.

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  • Apr 17 2020

Across the country, a lot of health care-related research has been paused as people are asked to stay home and maintain social distancing. However, there’s some good news: many clinical trials are still underway.

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  • Feb 19 2020

A new book of essays by young Kentucky students seeks to inform, inspire, motivate and uplift the reader through personal cancer stories and cancer prevention initiatives.

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  • Feb 10 2020

A new study led by UK Markey Cancer Center researchers suggests that implementing cancer education curricula in middle and high schools may improve cancer literacy in Kentuckians and ultimately help reduce cancer rates.