Research Priorities - Neuroscience
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  • Aug 26 2021

A new research study suggests that higher intake of specific nutrients can be associated with lower brain iron concentration and better cognitive performance in older adults.

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  • Aug 18 2021

The University of Kentucky Spinal Cord and Brain Injury Research Center (SCoBIRC) hosted a symposium last week featuring its first class of African American Research Training Scholars (AARTS).

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  • Jun 30 2021

The Research Priority Area supports a "collaborative matrix," bringing together diverse groups of investigators, trainees and research groups from nine different colleges across the university campus.

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  • Jun 4 2021

UK Neuroscience Professor Greg Gerhardt's new research program will provide answers to questions about the role of neurotransmitters in the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

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  • Mar 1 2021

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment (HBO) is a treatment that is now being experimentally studied in adult patients with severe traumatic brain injuries (TBI). Hyperbaric oxygen treatment is a specialized way, using a pressure chamber, to dramatically increase the amount of oxygen delivered to body tissues.

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  • Jan 26 2021

Newly published research has found familiar music can elicit an extended emotional response in patients with Alzheimer’s-type dementia. The findings from this potential new approach were featured in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease.

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  • Jan 21 2021

Florin Despa says that a major scientific goal is to understand whether the same factors that are involved in age-related metabolic disorders such as type-2 diabetes may also play a role in the development and progression of cognitive decline and dementia.

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  • Nov 24 2020

Election as an AAAS Fellow is an honor bestowed upon AAAS members by their peers. Van Eldik is one of only six women from UK that have been awarded this honor and she is the first since 1966.

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  • Nov 20 2020

Dr. Peter Nelson, of the University of Kentucky’s Sanders-Brown Center on Aging, has spent the last 15 years in the Commonwealth helping to lead the fight against Alzheimer’s and dementia inducing brain disease.

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  • Oct 27 2020

A $2.9 million grant from the NIH is supporting a multidisciplinary team of UK researchers in continuing their work to find therapeutic strategies to resolve neurovascular inflammation and repair blood-brain barrier dysfunction in epilepsy.