Environment & Ecology
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  • Apr 22 2021

UK Sustainability and UK Recycling, alongside the UK Center for Applied Energy Research (CAER), are launching WholeSum — a hub for news, information and discussions on sustainability issues for students, faculty, staff and the community.

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  • Apr 21 2021

Total project funds available are expected to be $200,000 with individual projects eligible to receive up to $50,000. This year, program leaders are encouraging proposals that intersect with challenges that have emerged during the pandemic and/or those related to the diversity, equity and inclusion efforts.

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  • Apr 20 2021

The John P. Wyatt, M.D. Environment & Health Symposium honors the legacy of its namesake, a pathologist who, over 50 years ago, connected air pollution with lung disease. The 2021 Symposium is April 22 from noon to 3 p.m EDT.

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  • Dec 2 2020

Crocker, Buland and representatives from the Kentucky Division of Forestry and the Office of Kentucky Nature Preserves toured the Tom Dorman State Nature Preserve in Garrard and Jessamine counties, where there is potential for lingering ash.

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  • Oct 15 2020

Associate professor Marcelo Guzman, along with graduate student Sohel Rana, say that molecules released from forest fires can become more water soluble, and likely toxic, over the two weeks that smoke is transported through the atmosphere.

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  • Oct 12 2020

"Lake Tanganyika’s fish are a critically important resource for impoverished people from four nations (Tanzania, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Burundi and Zambia) and resilience to environmental change in that region is quite low,” McGlue said.

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  • Sep 14 2020

While the collaborative research between Beam Suntory and the Beam Institute looks at issues with specific distilleries, it also looks at how its operations as well as outside activities impact the local watershed and how to ensure it is properly cared for.

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  • Jul 31 2020

Nearly all Martin County survey respondents reported problems with their drinking water including odor, appearance, taste and pressure. The UK researchers found 47% of the samples had at least one contaminant that exceeded U.S. EPA regulatory guidelines.

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  • Jun 10 2020

“Parental memories of environmental stresses such as drought and extreme temperatures can influence the growth and yield of its offspring. We can now start understanding how plants control such epigenetic memory reprogramming."

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  • Mar 20 2020

The NSF has awarded funding to the Kentucky Geological Survey (KGS) at UK to lead a team of collaborative researchers in an innovative project to study groundwater flow in karst aquifers.