Environmental Health
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  • May 21 2020

Mark Crocker and CAER research scientist Yaying Ji have developed and patented a novel technology that addresses the problem of removing nitrogen oxides (NOx) from exhaust gas when a vehicle is first started and the gas is still cold.

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  • Apr 20 2020

The NIEHS has awarded the UK-SRC a five-year, $8.7 million grant to conduct research aimed at better understanding and minimizing the negative health and environmental impacts of chlorinated organic compounds found at Superfund sites.

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  • Feb 7 2020

Join nearly 1,000 researchers, clinicians, students and community members for this free, day-long event exploring the relationship between the environment, our health and how we live.

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  • Jan 28 2020

A new statewide consortium, headquartered at UK, will pursue climate research, teaching and outreach.

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  • Jan 17 2020

UK's Ole Wendroth recently became president of the Soil Science Society of America. The society is an international scientific organization with more than 6,000 members and 1,000 certified professionals focused on advancing soil science.

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  • Nov 15 2019

Next week, the University of Kentucky Appalachian Center will host UK's annual Water Week, a student-led series of events designed to bring awareness to water-related issues in Eastern Kentucky and beyond.

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  • Nov 13 2019

A recently published a report on the failing water system of Martin County in Eastern Kentucky finds that almost half of the county’s residents cannot afford their current water service.

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  • Oct 4 2019

Alison Davis, an agricultural economics professor, will be part of the team studying the economics of investing in water and waste-water systems to reduce health inequalities in the rural South.

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  • Aug 13 2019

Marcelo Guzman's NSF-funded project will focus on how gases, such as ozone, react with pollutants in the atmosphere. The research may help reduce air pollution levels and consequently, human cardiovascular diseases.

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  • Mar 26 2019

Water is abundant in Kentucky with its more than 90,000 miles of waterways. "KYH2O," a new podcast series produced by the UK College of Agriculture, Food and Environment, uses multiple lenses to examine the importance of that precious natural resource.