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  • Nov 20 2020

Appalachian Center Announces Spring 2021 Awards, Funding Opportunities

The University of Kentucky Appalachian Center is currently offering awards and funding opportunities for students involved with work and research in the Appalachian region.

Applications for the 2021 James S. Brown Graduate Student Award for Research on Appalachia and applications for the 2021 UK Appalachian Center Eller & Billings Student Research Award are both due Feb. 15. 2021.

Graduate students are eligible to apply for the James S. Brown Graduate Student Award for Research on Appalachia and both undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to apply for the Eller & Billings Student Research Award. These awards support student research in/relating to the Appalachian region.

Applications for the James S. Brown Award that are not funded will automatically be entered into the competition for the 2021 UK Appalachian Center Eller & Billings Student Research Award. 

For detailed information on any of these opportunities, visit https://appalachiancenter.as.uky.edu/app-research-awards. For questions about proposals and applications, contact Kathryn Engle at kathryn.engle@uky.edu.