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  • Jun 04 2024

'Behind the Blue': Joshua Douglas discusses new book on voting rights and elections

After finding great satisfaction in writing his first popular press book, “Vote for US: How to Take Back Our Elections and Change the Future of Voting,” Joshua Douglas, J.D., was motivated to pursue a similar endeavor for his second book.

A professor in the UK J. David Rosenberg College of Law, Douglas sought advice from a trusted advisor about his new idea, which focused on using bipartisan solutions to improve our elections and potentially circumventing the need for Supreme Court involvement. His advisor suggested that this concept should be the conclusion of his book, proposing instead that Douglas explore why he views the Supreme Court as problematic and why a comprehensive election reform is necessary.

The outcome is Douglas’ second book, released May 14, titled "The Supreme Court v. The Voters: The Troubling Story of How the Supreme Court Has Undermined Voting Rights." In this book, Douglas delves into significant voting rights cases — some lesser-known and others more familiar — to examine the pivotal moments that have profoundly affected our elections and the nation. Through clear and approachable writing, Douglas recounts each case, sheds light on the enduring electoral challenges we face and underscores the significant influence the Supreme Court has had in creating a compromised electoral system.

On this episode of "Behind the Blue," Douglas shares what attracted him to the cases discussed in his book, highlights unexpected details readers may learn about the Constitution’s treatment of voting rights and offers ideas for reforms that could lead to meaningful improvements.

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