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  • Nov 21 2019

Opportunity to Join Research Team Transforms UK Students’ Careers

When students come to the University of Kentucky, they discover many opportunities that ignite their passion. For Kyra Seevers, Kristina Gessel and Stephen Parsons, that opportunity was undergraduate research. 

They each work on the Digital Restoration Initiative team with computer science professor Brent Seales in the UK College of Engineering. His research to digitally unwrap and read damaged manuscripts has taken him and his students around the world and has garnered international media attention with features on "NOVA," "60 Minutes," National Geographic, Smithsonian magazine, CNN, The Guardian and the BBC. 

Watch this video to learn how doing research at UK changed these three students’ lives.

This video is the first installment in our new UKNow series, which will highlight the numerous “opportunities that ignite passion” for University of Kentucky students. If there’s a robust student experience you’d like to see featured in this new series, email us