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  • Jun 07 2022

Research Leadership Academy Participants Announced

At the University of Kentucky, we often talk about the importance of meeting the moment: rising to answer the most pressing questions and finding solutions for the most significant challenges facing Kentuckians. Our researchers, with their spirit of collaboration and endless drive for innovation, are making that bright future possible. To equip future generations, we must ensure our leaders receive the resources, support and training necessary for nothing less than success. 

To that end, we are pleased to announce the first participants in the University of Kentucky Research Leadership Academy (RLA), supported by the Office of the Vice President for Research. This multi-component program has three independent tracks to accelerate the development of aspirational research leaders. Please join us in congratulating the following leaders. 

Track 1: Research Leadership Career Development

  • Lovoria Williams (College of Nursing), Project: Community Health Worker Institute of Health Equity

  • Alison Gustafson (College of Agriculture, Food and Environment), Project: Emerging Leadership for Addressing Health Disparity and Equity in 2022 

  • Rajeev Darolia (The Graduate School, Martin School of Public Policy and Administration), Project: Expanding Research of Policy Consequence/State Policy Research & Data Showcase 

  • Lindsey Fay (College of Design), Project: A Three-Dimensional Approach for Developing a Research-Based Culture for the College of Design 

  • Molly Blasing (College of Arts and Sciences), Project: Transdisciplinary Research Initiatives for Russian Studies and STEM Fields

  • Kenneth Campbell (College of Medicine), Project: Improve Infrastructure for and Utilization of Biobanks at the University of Kentucky 

  • John Bauer (College of Medicine), Project: Research Strategic Planning for Pediatrics and Perinatology 

  • Xiaohua Douglas Zhang (College of Public Health), Project: Leadership Development for Potentially Becoming the ADR and Establishing a Center 

Track 2:  Complex Programmatic Grant Proposals

  • Seth Himelhoch/Teresa Waters/Ellen Hahn (College of Medicine/ College of Public Health/College of Nursing), Project: Appalachia Tobacco Regulatory Research Team (AppalTRuST) 

  • Darwin Conwell/Lisa Cassis/Nancy Schoenberg/Stephanie White (College of Medicine), Project: UKFIRST: Building Inclusive Excellence through Sustained Transformative Culture Change and Evidence-Based Practices (NIH FIRST)

Track 3:  Emerging Themes in Research and Creative Work

Christopher Waters (College of Medicine), Project: Kentucky Research Alliance for Lung Disease

These 11 project proposals were accepted to the RLA for the first term: July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023. See the RLA website to learn more.