Changes in Responsible Conduct of Research Training Requirements

5/23/22: Message from the Vice President for Research

Dear Research Community,
Thank you very much for your attention to completion of the Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) training requirement to ensure that we approach our research mission in an ethical and responsible manner. Toward that goal, we are very pleased with the completion rate (81.9% overall) for the online training modules. This shows your strong commitment to RCR.
Since the mandatory RCR training was implemented, we have listened to your inputs on the program content and frequency of completing the “refresher” modules (currently required to be completed once/year). Our goal in this process is to have a standard level of RCR training for all involved in the research mission while not placing additional time burdens on your daily activities. After much discussion and thought, we are making a modification to the frequency and number of modules to be completed for the “refresher” portion of RCR training.
Beginning on August 2, 2022, once the initial RCR training requirement is completed, “refresher” RCR modules may be completed every other year (every 2 years). In addition, we ask that you complete two RCR refresher modules of your choice (instead of the currently required 6 modules). Moreover, the in-person RCR training requirement, which will be implemented in FY22/23, will be required every other year (every 2 years) once the initial training requirement is completed.
Using these new guidelines for RCR training requirements, the UK RCR tracking system will be updated and will provide reminders to researchers as applicable.
Please remember, the initial online RCR training requirement must be completed by all eligible UK required personnel/students that have not been exempted through the RCR exemption process.  
Thank you for your commitment to responsible and ethical research that enriches the lives of our citizens.

Lisa A. Cassis, PhD
Professor, Department of Pharmacology and Nutritional Sciences
Vice President for Research
University of Kentucky