New Sponsored Project Proposal Deadline

To support the success of UK’s research enterprise, Office of Sponsored Projects Administration (OSPA) staff work collaboratively with Principal Investigators and others across campus to provide client-centered professional support and administrative expertise in sponsor requirements, budget development and proposal submission. OSPA is committed to the timely submission of complete, accurate and fully compliant proposals. To ensure the best delivery of services and to facilitate submission of the highest quality proposals with the highest probability of success, OSPA is putting into effect a new submission deadline for sponsored project proposals to external funders. Starting on October 8, 2019, a complete and final proposal, accompanied by a fully routed Internal Approval Form (IAF), must be received by the Research Administrator (RA) in OSPA at least three (3) business days prior to the sponsor’s deadline.  OSPA is also offering an alternative submission deadline for proposals submitted through Cayuse.

OSPA staff recognize PIs spend a great deal of time and effort preparing proposals and are focused on helping reduce the risk of a missed deadline or rejected proposal. The new deadline supports the timely submission of error-free, compliant proposals.

The new proposal deadline goes into effect after the NIH October 5th deadline to allow sufficient time for faculty and departments to make any corresponding internal adjustments to their proposal preparations, instructions and deadlines.  Please note that colleges may impose additional deadlines or other requirements for review and approval of proposals. 

OSPA is committed to assisting faculty and providing the maximum level of customer service to ensure proposal review and submission go smoothly and, at its core, this new proposal deadline policy is intended to ensure both.

Please contact Kim C. Carter in OSPA at or 859-257-8310 if you have questions about the 3-day proposal deadline.  The OSPA RA and College CGO are also available to provide more information and guidance.