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Message from Lisa A. Cassis, Ph.D., Vice President for Research

Reproducibility and rigor in science is expected by federal funding agencies, journals and the overall research community. To encourage compliance with these expectations, we provide an Electronic Research Notebook (ERN) service for all UK researchers through a licensing agreement with LabArchives. This resource has unlimited user capabilities and is available at no cost to researchers. The ERN service is a secure, cloud-based software designed to replace paper notebooks and to move research record-keeping into the digital age. It facilitates data storage, retention, and management of experiments. It enables original/raw data to be provided to those who request it and the ability to easily transmit and share data. 

Some of the key benefits of using an ERN include:

  • Accessibility – Access your work anywhere and anytime with an internet connection.
  • Collaboration – Share your findings securely in real-time within your workgroup. 
  • Versioning and timestamps – Ability to record and revert to any previous versions protects your work from accidental data loss and provides full audit trails (record of username, date and time).
  • Searchability – Search for keywords, tags, users and entry types to find and access what you are looking for.
  • Compliance – eNotebook will greatly help researchers to conduct research in compliance with the UK Data Retention Policy.

The ERN is accessible from any modern browser on a UK-owned or personal computer or adaptable online when using your mobile/tablet.

To become familiar with the LabArchives ERN, the UK research community is encouraged to participate in upcoming LabArchives training sessions.

Please see the links provided to access user guides, FAQs and upcoming online and on-site training opportunities, etc.

While use of this system is voluntary, we encourage you to use this resource as it is likely that this resource will become the central mandated repository for all research data and information within publications, books and grant applications.

Thank you for your dedication to the UK research mission.