The Office of the Vice President for Research is hosting a series of lectures by the 2023 University Research Professors. More information and updated schedule will be published soon. Click here to learn more about the University Research Professorship program


2022-2023 University Research Professors Lecture Series

  • May 9, 2023
    • Susan Chambers Cantrell (Curriculum and Instruction, College of Education)
      "Spotlight on K-8 teachers' expertise: Operationalizing asset-based pedagogies"
    • Judith L. Page (Communication Sciences and Disorders, College of Health Sciences)
      "Finding my voice: Communication programming for students with significant disabilities"
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  • April 11, 2023
    • David W. Fardo (Biostatistics, College of Public Health)
      "Statistical genetics at the University of Kentucky"
    • Bobi Ivanov (Integrated Strategic Communication, College of Communication and Information)
      "Message design and application in strategic communication"
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  • March 14, 2023
    • Carrie Oser (Sociology, College of Arts and Sciences)
      "Examining substance use disorders from a social ecological framework"
    • Peter Nelson (Sanders-Brown Center on Aging, College of Medicine)
      "The outsized impact of UK neuropathology on the dementia research world"
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  • February 14, 2023
    • Daniela C. Moga (Pharmacy Practice and Science, College of Pharmacy)
      "Appropriate or inappropriate? A journey to improve medication use"
    • Lindsey Fay (Interiors, College of Design)
      "Healthcare design: The role of the built environment in promoting spaces for enhanced teamwork, efficiency, and communication"
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  • January 10, 2023
    • Nancy Schoenberg (Behavioral Science, College of Medicine)
      "Community-engaged, culturally relevant research to advance health equity"
    • Kristine W. Hankins (Finance and Quantitative Methods, Gatton College of Business and Economics)
      "Does trade policy affect consumer credit?"
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  • December 13, 2022
    • University Research Professors Panel Discussion
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  • November 8, 2022
    • Merlin Lindemann (Animal and Food Sciences, College of Agriculture, Food and Environment)
      "Some perspectives on the interplay of individual characteristics and organizational structures that contribute to research productivity"
    • Theodore Schatzki (Geography, College of Arts and Sciences)
      "Social practices and digitality"
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  • October 11, 2022
    • Alexandre Martin (Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering)
      "Bourbon and spacecraft"
    • Yuha Jung (Arts Administration, College of Fine Arts)
      "Finding structural blindspots in arts and cultural management"
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