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  • Jan 26 2023

'UK at the Half': GEN-EV program teaches kids team-building, STEM

There’s growing interest in one of the programs run by the University of Kentucky’s Center for Applied Energy Research.

The GEN-EV program teaches Kentucky students engineering and team-based skills while they work on an exciting project — building and racing an electric car.

“How many of you know a fourth grader that can look at a wiring diagram and wire a car? Unless you know some kid in this program, nobody knows one,” said Sheila Medina, CAER’s assistant director for policy and engagement, who is also the GEN-EV program director.

The STEM education program is primarily in elementary schools for now, with more than a dozen schools participating.

Medina has roughly 50 schools interested in joining the program, which totals about $500,000 needed for electric car kits.

Medina says the program is worth it to introduce students to a variety of concepts early on and to see them have fun.

“You see those kids smiling, that's my favorite part. Because they've gained so much within themselves,” said Medina. “I mean, it's incredible what those kids have done.”

The GEN-EV program is run in partnership with GreenpowerUSA and supported by the Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet. You can learn more online here.

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