Research Priorities - Cardiovascular
  • Podcast
  • May 1 2024

Kenneth Campbell, from the UK College of Medicine, discusses how the establishment of the Gill Cardiovascular Biorepository has significantly advanced heart muscle research worldwide.

  • Article
  • Mar 5 2024

The American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics (ASPET) is honoring the University of Kentucky’s Vice President for Research for her foundational contributions to our understanding of the renin-angiotensin system that has broad implications for hypertension and cardiovascular disease.

  • Article
  • Jan 12 2024

The University of Kentucky will mark a decade of raising awareness and continuing its effort to warn women about the dangers of heart disease with the annual Healthy Hearts for Women Symposium.

  • Article
  • Oct 6 2023

The University of Kentucky will be home to a new research center focused on tobacco regulations in the Commonwealth named the Appalachian Tobacco Regulatory Science Team (AppalTRuST).

  • Article
  • Sep 22 2023

The five-year award is focused on comprehensive efforts to identify and respond to healthcare disparities in cardiovascular disease (CVD) and improve related outcomes.

  • Article
  • Sep 11 2023

The University of Kentucky’s Vice President for Research and leading cardiovascular scientist is being recognized for her foundational work in the field of hypertension with a prestigious award from the American Heart Association (AHA).

  • Article
  • Jun 1 2023

Alan Daugherty, Ph.D., D.Sc., has been named as one of two nationwide recipients of the American Heart Association Merit Award and will receive $1 million for a five-year research project.

  • Article
  • May 17 2023

A University of Kentucky expert in cardiovascular health is being honored for his role in leading one of the American Heart Association's journals.

  • Article
  • Apr 3 2023

The Gill Awards, given each year through the generous support of the Gill Foundation of Texas, honor individuals who have made significant contributions to the field of cardiovascular medicine, both through research and clinical care.

  • Article
  • Feb 28 2023

Jill Roberts, Ph.D., assistant professor of neurosurgery and neuroscience in the University of Kentucky College of Medicine and a researcher who studies Moyamoya syndrome, which causes the internal carotid arteries in the brain to become narrow or blocked.