Power Generation
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  • Aug 10 2021

Jeffrey Seay has collaborated with global partners for the purpose of finding new ways to convert harmful waste into fuel for everyday use.

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  • Nov 6 2020

“We hope to better understand how sulfur accumulates in biofuel feedstocks, what happens to the sulfur during thermochemical conversion, how to remove sulfur and improve gasification efficiency.”

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  • Oct 26 2020

CAER is building an educational pilot plant to process collected electronic scrap. The plant will be designed, constructed & operated by students & will be financially supported by the sale of marketable metals.

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  • Oct 13 2020

Brewington will study magnetic field design for the Los Alamos National Laboratory neutron electric dipole moment experiment, or LANL-nEDM. Gervais will work with both the Nab Experiment and nEDM collaboration at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee.

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  • Oct 2 2020

“This project will allow us to significantly reduce the complexity and cost of CO2 capture and biofixation from all sources, whether it is from utility companies, cement manufacturing, or chemical plants."

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  • Oct 22 2019

The EnVision Forum, held at Kroger Field, gathered more than 150 governmental, policy, industry and other leaders involved in the country’s energy sector.

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  • Oct 17 2019

Grant funding will allow CAER’s team to complete the front end engineering design for the proposed large pilot plant.

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  • Sep 9 2019

The University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research (CAER) has received a $2 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Fossil Energy to improve efficiency and reliability at existing and future coal-fired power plants.

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  • May 16 2019

The University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research (CAER) is one of eight entities to be selected by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to receive federal funds for research and development in "Novel and Enabling Carbon Capture Transformational Technologies" to address challenges and knowledge gaps associated with reducing the cost of carbon capture.

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  • Jan 14 2019

With funds from DOE, DOD and NSF, Jim Hower and Jack Groppo are locating and evaluating rare earth elements and processing coal-based materials, alongside industry and university partners.